Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Murfreesboro, TN and Clarksville, TN


Like many other features of a home, hardwood floors are an investment.


With that in mind, taking proper care and hiring a professional cleaning service will help you as a homeowner not only enjoy the beauty of your floors but it will also make sure they remain in top form year after year.


Steem Master has been providing homeowners with a deep clean that protects and brings back the life of hardwood floors for countless years.

Benefits of hardwood floor cleaning


Like any other type of flooring, hardwood floors should have proper maintenance and care over their lifetime.


To maintain their shine and appeal, hardwood floors should be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. While there is no particular season that is best for cleaning your hardwood floors, many choose the fall season as summer has ended and you may start enjoying time inside your home more frequently.

Extends the lifespan of your hardwood floor

Protects against everyday scratches and scuffs

Eliminates bacteria from wood grains in the floor

Removes dirt and allergens

Cleaning your floors regularly will help reduce the appearance of scratches and other marks along with eliminating dirt and debris. At the same time, regularly cleaning your hardwood floors will add another layer of protection, in turn extending the life of your floors.

Contact Steem Master for hardwood floor cleaning


As a homeowner, you’ll save time and money when hiring a professional service to clean your hardwood floors. Steem Master is industry certified by ICRA and IICRC. In addition, we are referred by homeowners, floor covering experts, and many local realtors exclusively.


Our dust-free cleaning process removes polish and was build-up from overt-the-counter cleaners. Cleaning agents that include “shine” or “wax” over time will make your floors appear dull, streaky, and lifeless. Our fast-drying cleaning system is safe for your hardwood, vinyl plank, engineered wood, laminate, and more.


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Hardwood floor cleaning